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Kostas Hatzis

A note by Kostas Hatzis:: "I’ve been writing this kind of ballads since 1956 and there is not one or two reasons for that but many. The main reason is that I belonged to a minority (Rom) and I felt that for the first time when I went to school. I noticed that I was being discriminated - not because of hate - but because of ignorance and as I grew up some events have happened that I wanted to denounce and at the same time refer to the human rights, even though I didn’t know back then about the law that had been laid down by the Society of Nations in 1918. With the little knowledge I had, I used to say that God sends the sun and the rain both for just and unjust people, therefore I too had a part in this life, whoever I was, black, white, a gypsy or ...
So, from that time and up to now, I’ve been denouncing the state that has not taken care of those people’s problems and that allows them to commit every kind of crime and I’ve been referring directly or indirectly to the human rights and obligations, or even gibe at myself, so that I can approach more easily some people’s ears who may not know that they contribute to the injustice or to any other kind of mental suffering of their fellow beings.
I have sung and I still sing about passion, which is the extension of love, I have sung and I still sing about social issues created by the ineffective global system that transfers the rupture of human communication (by applying the "divide and rule" principle), but I have also sung about our Maker, his creation, our appreciation for it and our hope for a happy tomorrow here on the face of the earth.
Even if I lose my voice, I’ll still be singing in my heart for those same things until I leave this world.
I want to thank all those who have been inspired and have written and said through my voice the things they also wanted to say. I thank all those who have helped me call out all the things I had in my heart and I couldn’t write them as I didn’t have the writing skills to do it myself, but I had their love and support and they have accepted to write and call out with me and they still insist on doing that.

Thank you,
Kostas Hatzis

The ballads of Kostas Hatzis carry urgent social messages on social solidarity and the state’s failure to achieve it, human rights as well as songs about Love.